20 Way to Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment

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Hello friends, In this article, I will tell you about,  The best way to earn money onlinefor students. Many people want to earn money online, but they don't get success.Online earning is a good source of income for students. 

 In this tutorial, I will tell you the top best-earning source. Many people are using the internet, but they don't know the right processors to earn money online.

Best earn money online trick

How we can earn online - 

We have many sources to earn online money. You can earn money by working on these platforms. You have to work only 3 to 4 hours a day. You can earn online according to your calibre. 

How much money  you can earn from the online platform-

It depends on you. How much time you have given to work because both online and offline are the same. If you work hard, you can earn 200-500 a dollar a month. 

For online earning, you also have to work on that platform, you have to give time. If you are thinking that if you get  200 dollars in just 5 minutes, then it's not possible. 

 Best ways to easily earn money online are - 

 Here are  various type of online work you can work and earn 

1.Online Earn Money By  Writing —

If you like writing its best for you. You can help yourself to earn money. Many websites are providing a good platform for writers. Wherefore they show his passion on this platform. We media, Wordpress and blogger is the best platform for you. Here you can write an article and earn money. It is the best way to earn money online for the writer. 

2. Online Earn Money By Social Media —

 Social media is a very good platform for earning money. If you have many followers On your social media account you can do it. 

You can help sell a product to the company and take money for this. You can promote any company or social media pages. But You must have real follower not fake.

3.Online Earn Money By  Video —

You can earn money from watching and making a video. If you are a good creator you will make your video and upload on YouTube and another site. 

Now this time many types of YouTuber who is earning from YouTube. If you like watching the video you can go to many websites who will take a good review but according to me watching video is a waste of time. Youtube is a good platform for you. Here you can make a good star. Like BB Ki vines

4.Online Earn Money By Survey-

The survey is a platform which takes a review from end user on many things like detergent, machine, mobile you just have to give a review of how was the product and how's the product on every view

as money factor, and how that worked.survey is a way which tell the user about how they enjoyed and what problem they faced during this gameplay. survey settle a record in the server which then compiles and submit which then make a final decision on the product.      

It is the easiest way to earn money online. I am also using this. Many websites provide a platform where you can participate in a survey and get point. In this platform, 

you will get a voucher of Amazon and other company. A survey is basically a way to know what public thinking. The company are knowing your thought. Rakuten Insight and Swagbucks is a good platform for this.

 5. Online Earn Money By Freelancer-

A freelancer is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. 
Freelancer is a good platform for those people who will have good skills in any field. You can find many freelancer websites on google. You can earn good money on freelance. Here you will get a project from another company. 
All type categories are available on freelance. Freelancer Upwork and fiver is the best website for this.

6. Online Earn Money By Affiliate marketing -
 Affiliate marketing is a programme where you help to sell the product of the company.This programme is free for everyone Here you will get a good earning. Amazon and Meeso is a good platform for these.

 If you help to sell any product of the company you will get 2-10% Revenue. You can use the social media platform for this. In this, you spent only One hour to Two hours. Hurry and go for the affiliate.

7. Online Earn money by Predict Cricket Game -

 It is the short term earning but a good platform for us. If you know a good knowledge of cricket. you work on this. In this platform first, you make your team and play fantasy league. 

If your selected team players are good playing in a ground match you can get a good point. After a point is converting to money. Dream11 And Wicket11 Is a good platform for this. 


8.Online Earn Money By Sell  Photos-

If you are a good photographer and click good photos and shoot video. so you will earn good money.
you will sell your photos and video on an online platform. Adobe is a good platform for this.

9.Other Types Of application Where you earn money online -

(i) Online earn money Using Mcent Browser- 

If you are watching videos and spent much time on a smartphone. So this app is really good for you. this app is given to you mobile recharge. It depends on your point. 
You can watches video on Mcent and collect more point. Refer to your friend and get many points 

(ii).Online Earn Money By Short Link Website -

At this time, it is the most famous. Here you will short any link and share on your social media account. If your link takes 1000+ clicks. You will get a good income. If you refer your friend to this website you will get more rewards.you can search on google for this website. 

(iii). Online Earn Money By Paytm - 

It's a good app for online earning. Paytm is provide a good platform to earn money. Paytm conducted many programs where you can earn money. If you participate in competition You can win a gift voucher and Paytm case. 

(iv). Online Earn Money By MPL - 

If you like to play a game then there is an app naming MPL Which give Points on every play and then the point can be converted into cash. 
MPL provides various game and competition which can be played to earn points. Some are Fruit cut, Cricket game and game prediction

(v). Online Earn Money By Quora - 

Quora is a platform which helps you to find an answer to anything. Now to answer each question on Quora. 

Quora need writer and intelligence to answer now every question is being answered by many end-user to earn money.quora is a platform which gives money on every at answered.

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